1D Preferences #295: You two are dating and he meets your best friend…

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One Direction Preferences and Imagines

He comforts you after you got your heart broken Harry: Since you had arrived at your flat, you cried the whole time. Your two year boyfriend just dumped you over some stupid reason.

Apr 17,  · I had created this trailer before Acacia and Kendall started to get hated by the one direction fandom. Now Kendall is played by Selena Gomez, so please calm down.

She just got here and we did the typical teenage girl stuff, prank calls, make overs, etc. We fast forward through the sex scene because it was disturbing. While fast forwarding, we heard moans coming from upstairs. Then we heard the most horrid thing ever. I just turned the movie back on and put it on max volume, hoping to never hear that again. I had just come home from a date with my boyfriend.

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It’s Ali and Emily, we both love One Direction; we do fanfics, preferences and imagines! We also follow back: Your brother just sat there planning his charity football soccer game. Both of your parents were back in the states. Louis takes the spoon from you, while you cross your arms and observe him. Both of you giggle when you pull Louis into a hug.

Explore Sarah Leurquin’s board “Harry imagine ” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 5sos imagines, Harry styles imagines and One direction images. One Direction Imagines. Looks like hes mowing flowers to me Check out the website to see how I lost 20 pounds last month Harry one direction Harry imagine yep right in the feels! See more.

Your sister was a spoilt brat and got whatever she wanted. Now she has Luke Hemmings, a boy you had grew up with. She only used him for his charming looks. You loved him with all your heart and seeing him wrapped around her finger broke it piece by piece. You were sitting on the couch, watching Netflix when you heard the door bell ring. Dammit him for being gorgeous. I’m here for you. Was this a dream? Ashton was your sister’s boyfriend and you had this insane crush on him.

He would make your heart hurt from just looking at you. The point about this is, well, he’s not yours. Flopping onto your bed, you start to flick through a comic to pass time. Just as you were about to read, you heard a knock. The door cracks open, a pair of hazel orbs staring at you.

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Apr 19, at 4: These pranksters hail from Melbourne, Australia, but their fame has brought them to Los Angeles. Fortunately, The Janoskians have taken time out of their increasingly busy schedules to talk about themselves, their music, their stunts, and why fans are so taken with these five guys. Daniel and Beau finished high school but Luke, James, and Jai dropped out to focus more on their group.

one direction imagines: Notes Preferences: He Gets Jealous (requested) First. I think I have Done a ” He Gets Jealous ” prefernce, but Just 4 Requests, I have to obey:) Zayn: You were super fan girling on Zayn Malik Of One Direction, that he hadto notice you anyway, but you never knew you would be his Girlfriend one day, you were So.

Your sister and her best friend were only 2 years older than you and you have loved her best friend, Harry, since you were young. You developed a crush for Harry when you were 9 and when you turned 15, you knew you loved him. You are now 17, so you have loved him for about 8 years. Harry would probably never go for you seeing as you are the more awkward sibling. Your sister on the other hand, was beautiful.

Whenever he came over you did your best to avoid him whenever he came over because you were afraid to embarrass yourself in front of him. You were in the kitchen munching on some chips when you heard someone chuckle. You nearly knocked over the bowl of chips when you saw Harry standing in the doorway. You didn’t realise you were holding your breath until he looked away from you and around the kitchen. How did he know your favourite chips?

You nearly jumped in delight but remembered Harry was still present in the room.

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The imagines are always with the “read more” thingy. They’re obviously about those five boys you’ve obviously heard of at any point of your life. You can send me your imagine if want! I do not make personal imagines.

It’s just, it’s freaking ZAYN from ONE DIRECTION and he’s dating my best friend and, and ” Zayn pats her shoulder comfortingly and you bite back a laugh. Grace was always a bit of a drama queen- .

You thought of being a 23 year old virgin, and decided you wanted those things to change. You felt your heart rate increase as the bell above the cafe door opened. You looked up mad noticed a girl with bright red hair. She immediately walked over and extended her hand. She sat down and you both ordered, talking in the meantime. You found out Hayley was 22, and was in college getting a degree in music theory, she loved music. You told her a bit about you and she seemed very interested.

You liked that she was interested, not self centered.

One Direction Imagines

He catches you in bed with a boy and freaks out Harry: Soon you were both naked and when your boyfriend was about to thrust into you, you heard a scream come from your doorway. Your boyfriend jumps off of you and you see your older brother Harry and his best mate Louis standing in the doorway.

BSM: You’re on Your Period and He’s the Only One Home (Requested) A/N: Requested by anon! I hope you guys like it, I don’t exactly know how good I am at the BSM stuff but hopefully I did a good job.

Niall laid with you in your bed, holding you tightly. You felt your heart beating out of your chest, this was the first time he told you this. You smiled against his chest. You heard the door knob jiggle, knowing it was your parents. Niall leaped up, falling to the floor, rolling under your bed. You closed your eyes as the light seeped in.

You heard your mom walk in, pushing your hair to the side, kissing your forehead. She walked out, shutting the door. Niall climbed back up, sliding back into place. Harry always took you out somewhere fancy and far away to lower the risk of being caught in public together.

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Your sister made you watch a live stream of a One Direction concert she wasn’t able to attend due to a sickness. Ever since Zayn said he wrote a song for her, she’s been bugging the whole house about it. He wrote a song for me! You mean, it was an adorable thing in general, just not all her talk about it. I hope you like it babe!

Imagine #21 A Jealous fan physically hurts you. (Requested) Harry: Harry just walked out of Milkshake City and went straight to his Range Rover. You are in Milkshake City talking to a friend you.

I finally got this finished. To make it extra special for being almost a month late – I made it more intense, and plot twisting. What are you doing here? Zayn promised he would pick you up when you arrived for your small visit during their North American lag of the world tour. Or that El is here. You knew that voice, obviously Zayn was not cheating you with his ex, it was worse, one of your, old, best friends.

Zayn, you are most definitely an asshole now. You were grinning, hoping to tell Louis the news. They just got back from their break of the tour, and you had news to tell Louis, but he has not answered his phone. You heard a mattress move, and feet shuffle across floors. You could hear Harry asking Louis if he was busy or not. Louis took the phone.

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Masterlist Waking up on Christmas morning is inevitably a joyful feeling. Harry, her ex husband, is celebrating this years holiday at his girlfriends house. It was a typical ex wife and new girlfriend move, constant and uncontrollable feelings of jealousy the more minutes spent with one another. She has no plans for the day, so she immediately heads out for a walk.

Her fragile body becoming even more sensitive, and she quickly partakes in the action of taking out a cigarette.

ZAYN!” you screamed as he jumped at you sat on top of you and started kissing your neck then he opened the door for his other friends they dragged you out of the car and put you on the ground one of them was holding your hand and another one your legs while one was getting rid of your clothes you were sobbing by now as you were only in your.

You Kept staring at him, not leaving eye contact at all. He was Gazing At You As well. Untill Your Bestfriend snapped you out of it. You Nod, and sit next to her. After a while The Bell rings meaning Classes have started. Everyone Nods, You Look around, and almost every girl there is dreading over him. But The Bell rings meaning class is done. During these past weeks, You Catch Mr. Styles, gazing at you now, and then. And so did you. The More, and more you see him, you think about him more.

One Direction Imagines/Preferences

Feedback, requests, advice, anything! What makes this link so wonderful? It was a clip of your old classmates goofing around while the teacher wasn’t in the room. The video stopped, zoomed in, and started playing again.

Jan 27,  · Lexi is bullied by One Direction and her only friends are Bella and Amy. Bella is dating Niall and Amy is dating Harry. One direction imagines , views. The Little Sister [One.

Report Story Preference He’s dating your sister Zayn: You watched as your sister and Zayn cuddled up on the couch while you sat lonely on the floor. They soon began to snog and you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You stood up from the floor and ran upstairs. What does he even see in her?! He should have been mine!

You thought to yourself as the tears spilled out of your eyes. You quickly wiped your tears away and opened the door. What the heck is he doing? The kiss was really long and passionate, but then you remembered he was dating your sister. What am I doing?!

Liam’s Little Sister- One Direction FanFic